Hello, we are Amazive. We are a small web design agency located in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to create spectacular & stunning websites for companies, organizations & fresh startups.

What we do
design and development

Design & Development

We create elegant and unforgettable websites with a design experience that will delight and amaze your users.

Graphic Design

Your brand is special. Let us help you create a stunning unique graphic identity worthy your story and your products.


If you want to reach out - you need to be visible in the search engines. We make your website survive Google´s algorithms.

"Amazive did a fantastic and well-done job
keeping a short deadline
and creating a stunning website."

Anna Bellman, Founder of BellmanSundin

"Amazive har hjälpt mig att få en hemsida som har hjälp mig att få nya kunder. Resultatet blev inte bara bra, de tog också hand om allt och gjorde det snyggt, snabbt och enkelt. "

Mats Lundström, LundstromConsulting

"Thank you Amazive for supporting KMX Care.
The website you created is absolutely perfect and we could not be happier."

Tobias Tyrenius, CO-founder of KMX Care


Here is a little taste of what we have been up to lately.

Lundstrom Consulting

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Kmx care

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Killer Game

Åva årsmöte


Web Design Agency

About Amazive

Amazive was established in 2013 by Fredrik Åkerman and Johannes Frosteman. The idea of starting up a web design agency together came to us when we both discovered how much we hate browsing on bad websites. Living in the 21st century most of us are constantly connected, and we have realised that the internet give companies, startups, brands and organisations a fantastic opportunity to reach out and connect to clients and customers. But there is a problem, the internet is an ongoing fight among the fittest and there are so many awesome entrepreneurs, brands and organisations out there failing just because they don't have the right gear to survive. That was when the idea of starting our own web design agency came up. With our expertise with many years of web designing, programming and branding we understood that we could help these companies, startups, brands and organisations to succeed and survive and at the same time get paid for it. And if that wasn't enough we could also start to do what we love doing every day - to get creative and refine the web pixel by pixel.

"We refine the web, pixel by pixel, for the best design and user experience."

Our vision
When we are creating websites for clients our main goal is to create simple and elegant responsive websites that will impress and amaze. But we also put a lot of effort to understand the story behind you and your brand so we can make your website specialized to your market and purpose.

Take care,
Fredrik & Johannes, CO-founders of Amazive

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Our team

Fredrik Åkerman


Phone: +46 (0) 70 7708 633

Johannes Frosteman

CFO & Sales Director

Phone: +46 (0) 70 0220 326

Jonathan Frisk

Web & Graphic Designer

Phone: +46 (0) 76 6271 717

Rikard Franksson


Phone: +46 (0) 76 8611 964


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